54 Inch Kids Wooden Snow Sled with Metal Runners and Steering Bar


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● Stable Structure and High-quality Materials: Made of high-quality curved wood and sturdy steel, this snow sled is smooth and burr-free and won't hurt your child's skin. The base has strong double knee construction, which makes it more stable in use and will not be easily separated and collapse. And it has a strong load-bearing capacity of up to 330 lbs.
● Flexible Steering Design: With a steering bar design, this sled is easy to control and operate. It can flexibly change the track and direction during the sliding process. Pre-drilled holes on the steering bar allow pulling ropes (not included) to be tied in order to easily pull the surrounding small ones.
● Wonderful Skiing Experience: The metal runners can make you slide more smoothly and quickly when it touches the snow surface, and bring you a good skiing experience. You can use our classic sleigh to experience the outdoor snowy days and bring you fun in the cold winter.
● Sufficient Width and Length: The right size of the snow sled is suitable for children over 5 years and adults to enjoy skiing. When using it, you can sit on it and slide freely. Also, you can lie on it and paddle the snow by hand to help you move forward, which will bring you more pleasure.
● Easy to Carry and Store: This sled does not need to be assembled and can be used once received. The weight is very light, so it is convenient for you to carry and transport. And red paint was sprayed on the metal to make the sled look more beautiful. When the sled is idle, it can be used as an ornament to attract attention.


This is the steel wooden sled which has a vintage design and wooden structure to help you recall the wonderful skiing times of your childhood.

It can also be used as a beautiful decoration in the house or in the shop window for guests or customers to watch. It has a sturdy and stable double knee construction that will allow you to use it for many years. And the metal runners are very smooth, which makes you slide more smoothly and quickly in the process of skiing. With steering bar design makes you easy to control and change direction flexibly. You can also tie the pulling ropes to the pre-drilled holes on the steering bar. The sled can bring you an exciting skiing experience and let you enjoy the wonderful winter.

This snow sled is your best choice!

  • The sled is made of high-quality curved wood and steel for long-term use
  • Double knee structure makes it stronger and more stable
  • Steering rod design makes you easy to control
  • Pre-drilled holes on the steering bar for attaching the pulling rope (not included)
  • Metal runners contact to the snow surface for smoother sliding
  • The sled is suitable in size and can be used by an adult or a child over 5 years old
  • Allow to sit or lie on a sled to slide in the snow
  • No need to assemble, easy to store and carry
  • Red paint on the metal makes the sledge look more beautiful and can be used as an ornament


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