KIWIHOME Cooling Fan for PS5 Quiet Cooler Fan LED Light with USB3.0


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Weight 14,1 kg
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8.35 x 2.64 x 1.81 inches


Black, white

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14.1 ounces



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January 23, 2022



5 reviews for KIWIHOME Cooling Fan for PS5 Quiet Cooler Fan LED Light with USB3.0

  1. Amazon Customer

    This two speed fan cools well, has a greatdesign & was easy to install. USB access onunit, ensured you didn’t lose a USB port.Hoped it were quieter on second fan speed,but you can’t have everything!

  2. Spencer R Smoot

    I have had this for 6 months and play alot. At first it worked fine. But soon started screaming on start up. Just needs a good tap to start spinning without the vibration. Will most likely purchase another one as my friends purchased the same one and have had no problems.

  3. Marlo

    I started by comparing the ambient temps of the console, it was vertical and with no fan, versus, vertical and with the fan. Finally, I compared the PS5 horizontal and with no fan, versus, horizontal with the fan….After numerous hours of gaming in all configs, I determined that the fan reduced the temp of both the outgoing air and the temperature of the case/ clamshell pretty decently, making the case temp feel only slightly higher than room temperature. While vertical and without the fan, the rear part of the shell felt 87-90 degrees, Fahrenheit.Taking the fan off and gaming long hours, horizontally, the case temps itself felt just as cool as when standing up and with the KIWIHOME fan on. However, with the console horizontal and the fan on the shell/ case temps actually felt slightly warmer!Obviously the air coming out the PS5 exhaust port feels hotter in any instance where the fan is not used, but the temp of the air coming out isn’t an indication of the chip running hot inside, as that is only the heat being extracted from the chip, via, the heatsink. In fact? This fan paints a false impression, since it only cools the air coming out, by mixing it with cooler ambient air, which is drawn through the gaps in the sides of the fan (top/ bottom of vertical) and from between the clamshell and the console, however, it is also directing the heat away from the console better than the console manages on its own, which can be beneficial, if not blowing it at a wall or cavity where it can collect. So, in theory? Even though this fan is isn’t forcing more air through the console, it could be keeping the console a little cooler, by making sure the heat is as far away from the console as it can be and by mixing cool air with the air drawn out, therefore reducing ambient case temps.My point? The fan has too many gaps to actually force more air through your console, it’s like it needs to come with foam/ rubber seals to truly accomplish this, in addition to 3D printing the fan to match the grill on the PS5 exhaust port.

  4. T55

     Just got this, i think the plates are supposed to add some additional support, but i have darkplates 2.0 so im geussing thats why they didnt really slot in that far back so overall its pretty loose, & definitely could be designed to be more snug without relying on the plates. This can cause light to leak through when placed horizontally due to gravity & overall not a very satisfying snug, clean/smooth fit. So thats the most flawed thing about it.Otherwise, take the fan noise with what u will, personally i dont mind it, id rather keep less stress on the ps5 bc thats what u get these fans for anyway. So yeahUnrelated, but definitely would love it if there was a fan with RGB, & adjust its speed based on temperature 🥲 but this will do. It works, but the looseness still sucks alot.

  5. Josh S.

    At full speed it is a bit loud. And now one of the fan is starting to fail and is making even more noise.Edit 8/21/23Upgraded to 4 stars for great customer service. Company reached out and replaced the defective unit.

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